Carpet cleaning prices Hilbrands Carpet Care in Temecula, Ca. specializes in Truck Mount Carpet cleaning Carpet Repair / Restretch and does the best Tile grout cleaning in the Temecula Valley: We also service Murrieta, Winchester and surrounding areas.

Hilbrands Carpet Care is an owner operator Carpet Cleaning Company. Based in Temecula California with 20 years of carpet cleaning experience. We are famous for our dual process Truck Mount carpet cleaning process, but most of our jobs use Truck Mount only or partials. Other services are Tile Grout Cleaning, Carpet Repairs, Upholstery cleaning, flood damage and Industrial home cleaning.

No need to have a high pressure salesman come and give crazy prices just check out my no nonsense prices or read about me below. My prices and 20 yrs of experience can't be beat. I am Insured and licensed, and my prices, experience, equipment, chemical choice and care are all reasons why I satisfy my customers!

Carpet Cleaning Video:

The carpet cleaning video below shows Dual process carpet cleaning. It is in high speed but towards the middle I slow it down to demonstrate the power of my Truck mount. About half of jobs I do some dual process usually only 3 rooms though, (I charge only an additional 10.00 per room over my regular price. The biggest reason is if someone says the last cleaner couldn't get some of the dirtier rooms clean. To do Truck mount only I would pre spot and steam out all spots then steam the same as in the video.

Organic & Regular Carpet Chemical:

Carpet cleaning chemical choice is paramount, so I use ones that cost me three times the price with results that are amazing. A regular carpet product can cause re soiling (residue), discoloration (high ph), indoor toxicity (non safe chemicals).

The main emulsifier i use is Proscoice Oxygen release emulsifier. This is an organic carpet cleaning chemical that also destroys microorganisms while it brightens carpet and leaves no residue. Its great for chemical sensitive individuals or to leave a pure carpet end result. The non organic but high quality regular carpet chemical I use is Proschoice pro powder emulsifier its a bit stronger and is one of the few CRI approved chemicals due to its non residual nature. I use this in my scrubber on dirtier carpets and then steam with pure water turning the auto feed off. You can ask for either chemical as they are the same cost and interchangeable or let me decide. While some may say they're carpet chemical is just as good these are expensive and I have never seen any better or labeled with so many positives so I highly doubt it.

Carpet and Tile Cleaning Equipment:

I use one of the strongest Truck Mounts in the Temecula / Murrieta area with 120,000 BTU heater (Check out my system here) or view video above. I also use a carpet and floor rotary machine with dispenser and brush. For tile and grout cleaning I use a high pressure rotary steam machine called an SX-12. I also have so many spotting chemicals ready to go to attack particular problems from red stains to carpets that look trashed. Basically I have the experience and the equipment to clean your carpet.

Carpet Repairs:

Damaged carpet in need of repair Repaired carpet needs cleaning Repaired carpet after cleaning
Pictures above show a damaged edge from dog damage. Next image is a piece from closet seemed in, An 1/8 inch underlayment to raise height and tack strip was also installed (originally was a loose flap left by tile installer). Last image is after carpet repaired section was cleaned. As you can see installing a clean carpet repair piece to dirty carpet sometimes needs some cleaning to blend in. You can also see how dirty the carpet was before it was cleaned and the end carpet result making my customer very pleased.

I am considered a carpet repair specialist and my carpet repairs are raved about by my customers. Interestingly because of my experience I charge less because carpet repairs are easy for me. Most companies use huge ranges or "have to see it first" I do repairs for set prices. So whether you need a room restretch new tack strip edge or a carpet repair I can make your repair perfect for a reasonable price.
See my Repair prices here.

Cleaning Prices:

I am one of the few cleaners that list all Carpet prices on line. This is no small thing as many companies come to your home and base prices more on the type of car you drive then the difficulty of the cleaning. Even those that say no bait and switch often quote steam only price failing to price possible options. Options are often 2 to 3 times the original price.

My Carpet cleaning prices are 25.00 per room for the first 3 rooms 20.00 per room for every room over 3, and 35.00 for stairs. Soil retardant is 10.00 per room and dual process is 10.00 per room room not 200.00 as some charge. My average job is 150.00 not 400.00 so don't be fooled. See services / Prices for more prices.

Tile and Grout Cleaning:

1/2 finished tile grout cleaning Using SX12 on tile finished tile grout cleaning
first image is a 1/2 finished tile. Background is completed while foreground is yet to be done. It illustrates how much dirt is in grout lines and textured area. In addition to rotary steam and hand tile brush we also ran a rotary floor machine with a brush to clean the texture to leave a sparkling job. Charge was 210.00 for full downstairs kit dining 1/2 fr and entry about 700 sq feet. 2nd picture is of the rotary steam machine 1/2 finished in a laundry room showing rotary steamer removing loosened debris. 3rd is the same laundry after finishing tile and grout cleaning.

Tile and Grout Cleaning: After doing 100's of tile jobs I can say doing tile and grout takes a lot of learning of chemical choice and processes unfortunately there is no standard process to do tile. I have heard of high charges with little results. Our process is to not just rotary steam the tile but apply special chemicals directly to grout lines. We then grout brush scrub every line lifting grunge before the tile steam of high pressure hot water using the SX-12 rinsing  chemicals and not spraying degreasers thru the machine and leaving to dry on tile. It takes twice the time but tile comes out perfect every time. My tile grout cleaning prices are .35 per square foot and have a minimum of 85.00 and have no extras other then optional sealing.

Sealing Tile:
If you choose to seal we use high quality Aquamix pro sealer (best sealer according to the North American Tile Cleaning Organization) and charge just .15 per square foot (This is a 100.00 per gallon sealer not a cheap tile lab product that others use).

Please view the tile grout cleaning video below to see our full process no one cleans tile better or safer then us and we can demo our process for free just call us.

You can view Tile grout cleaning prices and descriptions here.

Other Services:

Services include Truck mounted Carpet Cleaning, Dual process Carpet Cleaning, Furniture Upholstery Cleaning, Drapery cleaning, Flood damage, Tile and Grout Cleaning, Carpet Restretch/Repair, Full Home Restorative House Cleaning.  You can see more descriptions and prices on my
services page.

Locations Serviced:

We are located at 30685 Milky Way Drive, Temecula CA., and while we are often called for carpet cleaning Temecula we also go within 15 miles to Murrieta, Winchester, Wildomar, Menifee, Lake Elsinore, Canyon lake, Sun City, Romoland, Fallbrook, for carpet cleaning Corona, Riverside, Parts of Perris, Hemet, Agaunga, Anza, Escondido, add 20.00 for trip charge (waved on some jobs please call)

My Carpet Cleaning History:

Having worked for some of the largest carpet cleaning companies in this area (Temecula, Murrieta Sun City, Lake Elsinore Hemet, Wildomar, Winchester) such as; Century, Americlean, Guarantee, A-1, Miraclean, First Choice. Each of these Companies I was the favored technician and trainer with standing offers to return if I decided to (most of them have been sold and under new management). I always had the greatest repeat customers and lowest complaint percentage, so deciding to start Hilbrands Carpet Care was inevitable.

What Are The different Carpet Cleaning Processes?

I have categorized the different carpet cleaning processes going from weakest to strongest. I do all but recommend truck mounted steam or dual process carpet cleaning.  They clean the best and are the only one recommended by carpet manufacturers (see below for references).  Advantages/Disadvantages are in my opinion.

Chemical Bonnet:
Advantages: Fast drying time (about 2 hours).

Disadvantages: Works by encapsulating soil, blending in and absorption by bonnet. Encapsulated soil in the carpet should be vacuumed to remove residue along with soil the next day by customer. Since little water is used Carpet Chemical needs to be stronger then steam yet leave no residue an unlikely combination. Process has limited carpet cleaning power and strong carpet pre sprays cannot be rinsed out. For this reason a customer must accept that it is a light carpet cleaning. Blended soil darkens areas. Bane Clean a leader in carpet cleaning has a good article on it.

Advantages: Dries in about 4 hours. A brush is used instead of a bonnet so soil in carpet is worked to a greater degree and more is loosened then Chemical Bonnet.

Disadvantages: Works by encapsulating soil only. Since more chemical is used (then Chemical Bonnet ) more must be vacuumed out of the carpet and will therefore have more carpet residue.

Truck Mounted Steam:
Advantages: Carpet cleaning rinses and removes soil from carpet by strong vacuum and heated solution. Can be done as rinse only for soft bright carpet. Inks and colors can be removed with little blending problem. Spotting carpet chemicals are rinsed and therefore can be stronger, so red spots through urine spots can be attacked more effectively. Since water is the primary component may or may not leave carpet residue depending on chemical used. (I use Proscoice Oxygen release emulsifier (link) so no residue is left.

Disadvantages: Long drying time (12 hours). If to much carpet chemical is used in wand may have same requirement for post vacuuming as shampoo process does.

A variation is using an RX-20 Rotary carpet wand this uses trucks vacuum strength to spin 3-4 internal mini wands. I have not seen the RX-20 do a better carpet job as you can not edge rub like you can with a wand, or spray continuously on a single spot. The RX-20 doesn't get corners or go under objects as well. It isn't a degreaser or a brush like a power scrubber it does not take the place of pretreatment of spots. in fact it is marketed to cleaners as a way to save fatigue. Please don't confuse this cleaning process with my dual process cleaning below.

Dual Process:
Truck Mounted Steam with Rotary Scrubber

Advantages: Carpet is gone over twice. First carpet soil is degreased with rotary machine (which has a brush and chemical dispenser). Then rinsed out with truck mounted steam to leave carpet at its cleanest possible level soft and bright.

Disadvantage: Long drying time (12 hours).

What Do Carpet Manufactures Recommend?


Vacuum frequently. By vacuuming carpet you remove damaging grit that wears down carpet it also removes soils before they build up. I still prefer a bag based vacuum over a bag less and a well made lighter unit. My personal choices are a Sanitaire for work and a Riccar for home. But really most issues are from having an older broken unit and even a new 60.00 vacuum will beat an older poorly maintained unit.

Carpet Cleaning

Truck mounted steam or hot water extraction (same thing) is recommended once per year. Hot water extraction is the proper name for steam cleaning and the industry has been trying to change it for years but it is the same thing. Its actually hot water that hits the carpet not steam and its extracted through a strong truck mounted vacuum not left on the carpet. So the name makes sense its just not in full use yet. And truck mounted hot water extraction is a pretty big mouthful.

The three main carpet manufacturers (responsible for about 90% of US carpet) recommend hot water extraction (steam). Here are the links to the actual manufacturers recommendations Shaw, Beaulieu and Mohawk and summary CRI recommended page. Some actually require truck mounted steam cleaning yearly for warranty.

Carpet Manufactures recommend rinsing after carpet cleaning. By using dual process I can clean with shampoo or degreaser then rinse with truck mounted steam. I can also rinse after steam cleaning by doing a second time as a rinse, or I can run a rinse only spotting as I go. The method depends on the soiling. My goal is to leave you a soft long lasting clean.

CRI is the non profit organization founded by carpet manufacturers and they have produced a very thorough guide to care for your carpet including care, problems, cleaning, and spotting its available here.

Spot Cleaning Nylon Carpet:

For General Nylon Carpet spotting almost all spots can be removed if gotten to immediately.

Wet Spot:

A new carpet wet spot on the carpet should be blotted with white terry towels then wetted with water and blotted again do at least three times so you wont see a remnant of the carpet spot. Use carpet spotting guide for inks and spots that may bleed.

Pet Spot:

A fresh pet spot on the carpet should be attacked the same as a wet spot but applying n enzyme to the carpet afterwards. The application of an enzyme such as, "Kids n pets" or "Natures Miracle", removes any remaining contamination that might of soaked into the carpet. This is annoying to do but remember your saving thousands of dollars of carpet and no one can do as completely as you at the time of the accident. We had a new puppy and knowing this procedure and using my commercial enzyme we got no pet odor or stains...and I never got out my truck mount.

Dry Soil:

if a powder is spilled on the carpet vacuum only to remove they may cause staining or bleaching when wetted.

Look of carpet spot

If a spot is grey-black it probably is a soil that a commercial spotter could be used for such as: "Folex Carpet Spot Remover". Be careful when using spotters because soap re-attracts soil. So if a spot comes back after it was gone it may be soil sticking to the soap and it should be rinsed out with water not re-soaped up.

Browned areas require special low ph chemicals as do rust and I would recommend you call me or another professional for these.

More complete spotting guides:

I have a link to some user spotting guides if you want to try to remove a more complicated spot yourself but I cannot be responsible for accuracy of the guide or results from using them.

Stain Removal Guide for Carpets - Sponsored by Wear-Dated

CRI Guide

Listing your Home:

As a carpet and home cleaner I know you don't need to rebuild your house to make it sell, but a messy home with poor maintenance shows poorly. These tasks are not hard and can be completed in a week.

1) Get lawn green fertilize and water. in our area marathon sod is often used. A premix of seed and soil by scotts works great to fill bald areas.

2) Get rid of junk, extra furniture and clutter (exercise machine, hampers, stuff on tables and desks). Some Large furniture looks better then a lot of little furniture. CR&R (our local trash co.) will do 3 free oversize pickups and up to 10 bags of trash if you call and arrange a pick up.

3)Clean clean clean and do delayed maintenance (I do full House cleaning / maintenance under the name Inland Valley Cleaning services) Disclosure is required under the law and an Agent really is careful to obey this. Don't put them in awkward position by showing a home in poor repair.

4)Shop for agent.

5)keep house clean I can come back monthly for carpet spotting. hire gardener for outside if necessary.

6)Keep water and electricity on. For safety you can shut it off at the box or water valve. This is necessary for routine cleaning Toilets get soiled etc... Water co. has auto revert forms so when tenant turns off it automatically returns to owners name between tenants this saves the turn on fee.


I recommend a few Companies for services other then Carpet Cleaning. I get no kickbacks or payments for these referrals I recommend them because they're good.

Roger Miller Plumbing, 951-693-4799: Roger is located in Temecula and has been a friend since his daughter attended my wife's daycare. He was always willing to help and is constantly giving to people he meets. He like all plumbers has been offered a 250.00 finders fee for floods yet gives them to me for free and I in turn have kept his floods down around 250.00 total. When I refer him he in turn gives a good price to my customers.

House Call Pros., Dry Wall, 951-693-2816: Jeff Steigely was brought to my attention by Roger. Roger says he can cut a channel for a full re-pipe in the drywall and Jeff does a perfect repair absolutely invisible. I have used him on three floods when it was necessary to open the wall or ceiling and he has done a great job for a great price.

Brian the fun DJ.: When I'm cleaning for a party I recommend Brian. Brian is located in Temecula and his son and mine are in the same scout patrol. I am always amazed at how hard he works to be the best. He is not just a DJ but helps to plan the party. He tells me of older DJ's that were once great now "just play music" He can rap rappers delight or do ballroom dance. check out his web.

Hilbrands Family Daycare: Ok, it's not related to carpet but My wife does run this daycare in our Temecula home. She has been doing this for ten years and was a private school teacher before then. Rates are 125.00 per week. She only watches 6 kids so she is usually full but give her a call anyway. You can check out her daycare web at

Finding or renting out a home: I used to mention rent clicks to advertise to get tenants but craigslist has taken over in popularity and the last few property managers I have talked to are now using it exclusively (with a yard sign) and have excellent results.

I know of many real-estate agents but since new ones use me all the time I doubt if they would appreciate me advertising someone else to their clients so sorry guys (and gals).

We Serve:

Temecula CA, Murrieta CA, Sun City CA, Lake Elsinore CA, Hemet CA, Wildomar CA, Winchester CA, Corona CA and Riverside CA and always answer the phone myself. I give quotes that don't change and free advice to cleaners or customers on spotting and repairs so Just call me.

Contact us for more info

Thanks for visiting,


John Hilbrands

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"I service each of my customers myself and have a variety of cleaning methods to clean from the most delicate to the heaviest of soil. If it can come out I have the experience and the equipment to get it out."

John Hilbrands
Owner /Operator

John Hilbrands carpet cleaning
Hilbrands Cleaning
The image above is me doing a stairs. Notice I have a tool belt with spotters. Cleaners that don't have spotters with them probably won't spot if something gives them trouble. This belt contains solvent, degreaser, carpet knife, tabs and I always wear it..

Carpet Cleaning Truck Mount
Truck Mounted Equipment:
This is a our truck mount. Its a newer ford e150 and is shown as it would be set up.  It uses a 25 hp Kholer engine a 3.8 blower (suction) 3 piston 1800 psi pump and a propane heater (hence solution line coming from the back).  Units with solution line coming from machine generally means it uses a less effective heat exchanger.  Other Cos don't show what's inside and might be just a pretty shell with no real equipment,  or could even be an older noisy oil leaking mess.

1/2 finished area rug cleaning
Steam cleaning at its finest:
This is a Typical finished carpet even wand marks with no soiled spots.  Often while cleaning you see me bend down and spot, rub clip, or ask my assistant to get me something to help improve the end result.  The reason is completeness and desire to have a perfect finish.

1/2 finished area rug cleaning
Before and After Dual process:
This is a heavily soiled and matted apartment carpet in Hemet.  Even in the furniture areas its actually thick with brownish pet oils.  The power scrubber not only loosened the soil but lifted the fibers before the final steam.  This was a photo bill for a property manager (they like before and after images).  He was wowed and emailed a nice recommendation.

1/2 finished area rug cleaning
Half finished Steam cleaning of rug:
We charge most rugs as a room to save you money 20-25.00 This rug has some heavy soil and shows how our strong steam cleaning really is improving it.
" I've used John for over 10 years and he always does a great job. He did a repair on my home by cutting out a bleach stain and replacing it with some carpet from the closet I show all my friends because the patch is invisible. Recently on a rental he removed 20 red stains using special spotters. The combination of spotting and dual process cleaning saved me from replacement. His knowledge, soft spoken manners , and low prices makes him the best cleaner I have ever used".
Thanks John, Berry 10/09

"After cleaning nearly a 100 properties with our firm we recently were looking over a before and after photo. Everyone in the office was amazed. He's still the best and the cleaner we recommend to all of our clients". Katie 12/08

"I just thought Id write you that Jim, Sharon and I all got together and were all talking about what a good job you did on our carpets. Each cleaning was so complete and not a rush job I know it was a hard day for you but we so appreciate you."
Helen 9/06

I have cleaned for relatives of customers that have passed away and just feel for them. Some that have had financial hardships and had to move. Of course many that I see once a year and see their family grow up. Thank you all for being such sweet customers . John

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